Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I love painting my nails in lots of colours, so I decided to make a post with all my nail polishes. A big colorful family that every season grows a bit more. My favourite brand is H&M, even if it sounds weird: I have tried lots of other brands (more expensive) and they didn't resist as much as it does; and because the colors are so chic and cheap, so I don't feel guilty for buying lots and lots of polishes.
(Clicking in the name of some nailpolishes you could see them in some outfits)

Here you have the brown-taupe-rose range. I normally use it in Autum and Winter, except the white-rose in the middle, that I use the most in the Spring.

This one, is the range of hot colors, really yumi! The red one is valid for every day of the year, and the darkest ones I use them in Winter and in my toes for the summer. The fluor pink and orange are so amazing for the warm weather: vibrant!

 "Check me out" from H&M, nº46 from BricheCosmetics, "Midnight passion" from H&M, "Red nail" from H&M, "Sunset dreams" from H&M

The blue-greenish range: I love blue nailpolishes, a lot! They're so original and look really pretty (now I've seen another one in a pastel tone, and I'm dying for it!) I use them all the year, but the lightest one are Summer favourites!

 "I'm not a kiwi" from H&M, "Bella's choice" from H&M, "Moody model" from H&M, "Blue my mind" from H&M, "Stolen sapphires" from Topshop

And finally the "sad" range: another of my favourites. I'm a black inconditional since I was thirteen, grey is an amazing mid-term, and finally this militar tone made me fall in love from the first moment: I cannot like it more!

 Well, so to keep all them well organised I got two boxes: in the first one I keep the warm colors, and in a La Durée box I keep the cold tones. The white-transparent nailpolish that you see is the base that I buy in a local store (no-brand, sorry!): it works perfect!

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  1. a mi també m'encanten els pintaungles, i si que tens raó els de H&M són fantástics! Jo també compro els de la marca essence que els venen a la perfumeria Júlia de Carrer Portaferrissa, surten a 1,99 o 2 i poc i tenen un munt de colors i van molt bé :) espero que tot estigui genial, un petó maca!


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