Thursday, June 30, 2011


I think that yesterday was one of the most incredible afternoon-night I ever had. Today I finished my exams, so, actually, I was suposed to be studying, but I think that there's a point when your brain just CAN'T. 

It arrived to me and Oriol yesterday, so we decided to make some alternative plans:  First of all we went to a book presentation in La Central (an amazing bookshop, that has even café, meeting point, etc.) where Ted Cohen (the author of the book, "Pensar en los otros") made us a reflexion about ourselves, the society and the metaphors (It really made me think!). There we met some friends of mine, started talking and ended having some amazing coktails in a great bar: Stinger. After spending almost 2hours there, Oriol's phone rang: it was one of his flat mates: she was having a little party in the flat because today she moves off Barcelona (she's from Cordoba).   We went to the flat as quick as we can, where some friends were waiting for us with the company of a bottle of Lambrusco...and finally convinced us to go to Razzmatazz!
I mean, we slept only 3hours..but we were so happy that our exams went perfect!  
So..If this was our night during exams, imagine this one, that we are completely free! 
Getting ready to go, I'll explain you tomorrow! ;)

 Amazing coktails: A vodka with natural orange juice, a cosmopolitan and two White russians. Yumi!

 Me, Cristina, Alba, Oriol, Alba, Sito, and our Lambrusco. :)

 Me and Sito.


Shorts Levi's, Shirt, Bag and Ring: Vintage
Friendship bracelet: DIY
Watch: Casio

Monday, June 27, 2011


It's really difficult for me to find a better place to go for a walk than the harbour of L'Estartit: I love seeing the beautiful little boats and the amazing luxurious yatches, feeling the warm of the sun and breathing the fresh salted air of the sea. After having lunch in one of our favourites seafood restaurants, me and my mum went for a walk trough the gangplanks (despite my damaged leg).
I decided to wear the fluffy shorts from Oysho with a silk blouse, all moved with the wind creating a really nice effect. Do you like it?


Silk blouse: Zara
Shorts: Oysho
Sandals: Ipanema by Gisele Bundchen
Bracelet: H&M
Watch: Casio
Bag and Ring: Vintage
Sunglasses: Ray-ban wayfarer

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sant Joan

 Thursday night in L'Estartit was my best Sant Joan ever. Firecrackers and fireworks accompanied us all night long, with their amazing colors and lights, I can't help it, I LOVE THAT PARTY! And after toasting with the family, I went with my friends to enjoy and burn the night! We drank in the beach, we danced everywhere, we met lots of people and did the wildest! It was absolutely amazing! And to end the shortest night of the year, nothing better than lying into the beach, seeing the sunrise..

In the pictures (and the ones that will come) you'll see my leg damaged: I burned myself with exhaust pipe of the motorcycle of a friend, so I have to spend at least a week with my leg bandaged :(

 A little fire, that was rapidly controlled. We were really scared, but nothing happened luckily!

 Enjoying the Nuria's shot, created in my honour! :)

 With Marc and Laura

 Marc and me, in a billar table.
Finally, arriving home...


Dress: forever21
Sweater: Zara
Bag: Vintage

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here you can see my new hairstyle: what do you think? At first I felt really weird with bang, but now, I already get used to it and I LOVE IT!

Today I arrived to L'Estartit, my little paradise. When I arrived here, the Sun caressed my skin so soft...I could'nt feel happier!
Tonight we're celebrating one of the best catalan parties: Sant Joan's night. We went out with family and friends, we toast with champagne and lighten fireworks, everything in the beach, with music and amazing pies: I'll show you the photos soon! ;)

Maxi dress: Oysho
Belt, Sunglasses, Watch, Bag and Ring: Vintage

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


J'adore! Playing with pure and simple sweaters and the light, to make beautiful silhouettes and shadows!
Today was extremely warm here...but, even if most of the people is complaining about it, I'm absolutely enchanted! I love so much no needing any jacket or neckerchief...just the simple fresh clothes I do want to wear! :)

And..for tomorrow, I'm having my hair done, with a bit of change! I'm a bit bored of this hairstyle, so I decided to make a bang! Don't really know if it will work...well, we will see!

Shorts: Zara
Sweather: H&M
Nautics shoes: Decathlon
Handbag: Loewe
Sunglasses: Ray-ban wayfarer
Watch: Oclock
Necklace and Claw ring:
Plastic little bee ring: gift from my little sister
Nail polish nº16 from Rosa Serra

Monday, June 20, 2011

La Rosa del Raval

 It's a pleasure to have friends that convince you to go out, even if you have exams and not having a really good day.. Yesterday was an incredible night, completely unplanned. I guess that's it has something to do with the good company, cheap mojitos and amazing ambient. :)

 I don't have many photos from the party, just trust me when I say it was crazy! I decided to estrenar my new blazer and the sandals from Zara. I really liked the result! I felt so sexy, and must say that I'm totally amazed with this sandals: I wore them almost 10 hours and my feet didn't hurt anything! <3

We went to la Rosa del Raval, a lovely bar-and-restaurant where you can drink Mojitos and Margharitas for 3,5€, with a really cool ambient. 

 Oriol's glasses, from Afflelou are really chic
 Drinking, with Javi.

 Doctors healing the bar!

 Beloved HIM, actually, it was only Adri and me who resisted partying untill 7am!

Blazer, Tee and Sandals: Zara
Shorts: Levi's vintage
Rings and Bag: Vintage
Watch: Casio

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today I deserved a break of my studying-non-stop rutine, so I decided to make a visit to the old-clothes-of-mummy closet, where I discovered this sweet shirt, very soft and fresh, perfect for the summer weather that we are enjoying now.

My mum asked my advice to buy shoes, so we went shoe-shopping, we didn't find anything that really convinced us for her, but I saw this lovely sandals from Ipanema by Gisele Bundchen, and couldn't resist! ;)
They're of plastic, really practical for the Summer/beach/swimming pool, in gold, making like a lace design with butterflies, very sweet. Do you like them?

While now, I'm again closed studying...
I also love the fact that they destinate a part of the benefits of the shoes to collaborate with ONGs that protect the environment.

Shirt and Bag: Vintage
Shorts and Belt: Zara
Glasses: Ray-ban
Watch: Casio
Ring: Topshop