Monday, June 13, 2011


Yesterday night I was supossed to go to a birthday-white-party, but finally, we ended up with the most unexpected plan. We stayed at a friend's flat, talking, playing cards and laughing. 
I love this kind of plans, that you hadn't planned, but turn to be the best ones. :)

Well, here you can see my white outfit: I decided not to wear skirt or dress, as it's usual in this parties (an Ibiza look), and wore pants and tee, with a bit of black, for a stronger outfit. What do you think?



 Jacket: H&M
Tee and Trousers: Zara
Wedges: forever21
Bag: local store
Watch: Oclock

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  1. DÉU MEU, aniré a la maquinista NOMÉS per comprar aquestes sabates!!!


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