Sunday, December 25, 2011


Bon Nadal. Feliz Navidad. Merry Christmas. Joyeux Noël. Buon Natale. Feliz Natal. Frohe Weihnachten.圣诞快乐. Zorionak. Bo Nadal. God Jul. Veselé Vánoce. メリークリスマス

xx, Núria

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This long period of absense is not absolutely meaningless. Actually is the result of lots of changes in my life and in my person that made me rethink about the whole blog affair.   So now, I'm planning a reorganization, actually, a complete renovation of the blog to make it nicer, more useful and a bit more myself. (I'm not THAT egocentric, actually) 

So, be ready, because soon the NEW blog is arriving to the net :)

XX, Núria

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keep the color

Now that days are turning colder and University is every day a bit more stressful,  it's important to keep our selves optimistic and save the color in our outfits. If the sun it's not here to make everything shine, we have to manage to keep the bright vision of the world!

And, after all, THE color. Mixed with basics for a casual outfit, nothing complicated, for a afternoon with friends lying in any of the amazings bars of the Raval!





Red pants and Silk blouse: Zara
Levis jacket, Neckerchief, Bag, Watch and Ring: Vintage
Shoes: Victorias

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Striped transparent

 Returning to University it's being harder than I expected, and the timetables don't help! I don't have even time to post! I need to get use to it again, and organize my self a bit better, if not...this will be real hell!

I really needed to wear this dress before it turns colder! So in a random afternoon, to go to the cinema, I decided to wear it. A friend fell in love with it! (insanely) It seems that my Norwegian purchases really made it! ;)



Dress: Monki
Body: American Appareal
Belt: Zara
Bag, Ring and Watch: Vintage

Saturday, October 08, 2011

La plaça

 Have you ever realized how lonely looked the places where we go out at night during the day? Every pub, bar and disco are closed, there are no tables in the terraces, no people anywhere and too much silence...

This pictures were took in "la plaça" (the square), the nocturn-life zone of L'Estartit during one of the last days of summer...

Looking at them I realized how much I miss the summer and vacation...How much is left for summer again?



  Fluor skirt: Zata
Nude body: intimissimi
Sandals: Mustang
Sunglasses, Egypcian necklace and Watch: Vintage

Thursday, September 15, 2011


My little digital camera broke up this summer, so now I'm living with cameras to "use and throw". I'm really loving the fact of having just one chance on taking the picture and capturing just this second, without knowing exactly the result. I think I gonna repair an old analogic camera, an amazing Rolleiflex that you could see here, to pick photographs. As soon as I develop the photos, I'll show you some of them! :)  

This outfit is extremely simple, and with no accessories..(strange in me) Sometimes it feels great to be comfortable and sexy at the time!


Mesh shirt: Stradivarius
Shorts: Levi's vintage
Hat: Monki
Bag and Watch: Local Market

Sunday, September 11, 2011


One of the things that I love from the summer are the amazing evenings when you dress yourself up to go eating to amazing restaurants. That night was insanely funny! Maybe it was the wine, maybe the special the people, or the music..but the fact is that we spent an amazing time all together! 

I found this amazing shirt in the local market of L'Estartit, and immediatly fell in love! It looks really good, extremely transparent with the rares designs in it... And as almost everything in my closet, it combines perfectly with my Levi's vintage! ;)

Tomorrow I'm passing my driving license test...wish me luck!

Thursday, September 08, 2011


L'Empordà is full of little villages really charming. Peratallada (that means 'cutted rock') is one of my favourite: the village is directly cut on the rock (that's the origin of the name) and as soon as you cross the medieval fort, you lose all the modern connections (no phone, no internet, no nothing!), it's calm, quiet, relaxing...and there's silence!

 You can see the fort cut in the rock


 I fell  in love with this window full of vintage toys!

Mesh shirt: Stradivarius
Shorts: Mango
Belt and Purse: H&M
Shoes: forever21
Watch: casio vintage
Claw ring:
Bikini, Flower ring and Skull necklace: local markets

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Talking about summer it's talking about light, colors, fresh air...and the same on the summer outfits!  Something simple, fresh and lightly, and I think that are the right words to talk about this outfit.  This kind of clothes is what I wear the most of the summer, practical things that allow me to be ready for every adventure and crazy thing that we make! 

I returned home yesterday, so this days you will see lots of summer posts... I'm happy to be again connected to the world (I'm not going to lie to you! ;))...but already missing the beach, the freedom sensation and the people with who I have shared my days...  But I guess that one of the things that make Summer that special is that, actually, it has an end.  So now, I try to enjoy my last days of vacations to start the classes full of energy!  Hope your holidays had been as great as mine! :)



Crop tee: forever21
Shorts: Zara
Cross necklace: from Norway
Watch: oclock
Sandals and Sunglasses: vintage

Friday, August 26, 2011


Finally, I'm able to upload something! I'm in L'Estartit and we're having a lot of troubles with the internet connection!
Every summer we celebrate an amazing party in my urbanisation: we play afternoon games and have a great night ball, with sangria, champagne and canapes! After it, all the young people go the the town to end the party dancing until the morning!
This year, as usual, it was an amazing night, I ended up watching the sunrise at the beach with all my friends, who managed to make every summer better than the last one. :)

This is the outfit I chose this year: I love this H&M dress. It's suposes to be a dress to go to the beach/swimmingpool, but adding a belt, it looks perfect for a night out, don't you think?


Me with my mum and amazing photographer :)


Dress: H&M
Sweater and Belt: Mango
Body: American Appareal
Clogs: Topshop
Watch: Casio
Rings: Vintage