Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Keep the color

Now that days are turning colder and University is every day a bit more stressful,  it's important to keep our selves optimistic and save the color in our outfits. If the sun it's not here to make everything shine, we have to manage to keep the bright vision of the world!

And, after all, THE color. Mixed with basics for a casual outfit, nothing complicated, for a afternoon with friends lying in any of the amazings bars of the Raval!





Red pants and Silk blouse: Zara
Levis jacket, Neckerchief, Bag, Watch and Ring: Vintage
Shoes: Victorias

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Striped transparent

 Returning to University it's being harder than I expected, and the timetables don't help! I don't have even time to post! I need to get use to it again, and organize my self a bit better, if not...this will be real hell!

I really needed to wear this dress before it turns colder! So in a random afternoon, to go to the cinema, I decided to wear it. A friend fell in love with it! (insanely) It seems that my Norwegian purchases really made it! ;)



Dress: Monki
Body: American Appareal
Belt: Zara
Bag, Ring and Watch: Vintage

Saturday, October 08, 2011

La plaça

 Have you ever realized how lonely looked the places where we go out at night during the day? Every pub, bar and disco are closed, there are no tables in the terraces, no people anywhere and too much silence...

This pictures were took in "la plaça" (the square), the nocturn-life zone of L'Estartit during one of the last days of summer...

Looking at them I realized how much I miss the summer and vacation...How much is left for summer again?



  Fluor skirt: Zata
Nude body: intimissimi
Sandals: Mustang
Sunglasses, Egypcian necklace and Watch: Vintage