Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Brandery Winter edition 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts of the last days, but this week is being very busy!
I cannot find a moment to breath between my practices, the exams and, of course, The Brandery, a kind of Barcelona Fashion Week that started yesterday. I collected lots (and-lots-and-lots-and-lots) of magazines (free!), discovered new brands, saw a little runway, bought a watch, drank a Strawberry daikiri at 12:30am, ate a great lunch at one of my favourites restaurants in Barcelona, El Lobo, and finally, met up with some friends and bloggers to go to the Welcome Party!
I'm completely exhausted today...I just slept in class the first two hours!

I'll show you soon the photos of every detail! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


 Two weeks ago, Sabina from SabinaSupernova visited Barcelona with her friend David and contacted me for a little meeting. I was so nervous, but things worked so well! We really connected and had lots of fun! 

We decided to meet for having lunch, so I took them to UDON, a nice kind-of-japanese restaurant just in the centre, and then, we made a little walk. 

At night, I took them to Razzmatazz (with my friend Georgina) after meeting them in their lovely hotel, were we drank a lot! 
It was a great experience...I'm already thinking in visiting them in Vienna!

So, lots of kisses for them, hope we'll meet again soon! :)

 Shirt, Trousers and Boots: Zara
bag: Bimba&Lola

Sheer T: Mango
Trousers: Zara
Booties: H&M

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fonts de Montjuïc

 Today, I was cleaning my computer and I found this photos of my birthday, few months ago. 
This was a little celebration with my family: we went to see the Magic fountains in Montjuic and to have dinner in an amazing restaurant in the Born called Senyor Parellada.
  Here you can see some images of the fountains, is a nice show with water, colour lights and music :)

 In an antique book shop in Barri Gòtic

 Me and my mum stop in Bimba&Lola and H&M for a bit of, this is why i'm carrying bags ;)

 Cape, Sweater, Silk blouse, Long leather gloves and Shoes: Zara
Faux leather trousers: H&M
Furry collar: Topshop
Handbag: ASOS
Gold chain with little cross: my mum's
Rings: Topshop
Watch: Casio

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


 Today was not a good day, in fact, it was one of the worsts. One of those days when the only thing you can think is to scape, to go far far away, to put distance...
But life is always surprising, and you can end THE day finding yourself staying in the top of a mountain, watching the wonderful Barcelona, while talking and joking with a good friend. :)

Thanks to all the people that help us overcome these days

Coat and Leather bag: Vintage
Sweater: Pull&Bear Boys
Shirt dress: Bershka (extremely old)
Clogs: Topshop
Cross Necklace: Fashionology
Earrings and Rose Ring: Camden Market, London
Turquoise Ring: L'Estartit
Leaves ring: Topshop

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sol! :)

Just as I love to party during the week and rest the weekend, I love spring days in the middle of winter.
Today we had a warm sunny day, really amazing, that we utilized to make a familiar day at the mountain. :) 

A bit of outfit pictures, even if they're not the outfit I choose to walk for the mountain, of course!

  Here with my beautiful cat, Ratlleta :)

Jeans, Silk blouse and Shoes: Zara
Cardigan: Mango (very old)
 Cross: Vintage
Nailpolish and Scarf: Little local stores

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Party everyday!

Sorry for the lack of posts of the last days, but I spent the last days of the week sleeping in friends' houses, so I wasn't able to post.

On Wednesday we decided to go to Razzmatazz, the most famous and my favourite club of Barcelona; and Wednesday is free! So I absolutely recommend you to go there!
We made a litle pre-party at Oriol's house.

(PS: I went to the University on Thursday: Parties are not an excuse for not going to class!)

 If we don't have glasses, we use cereal bowls! 
It was quite fun to drink vodka with a bowl, WEIRD!
 A little review of eye's anatomy

 Adri, Euge, Me and Oriol (eating me)

I was wearing a very relaxed outfit! ( that you are not really able to see :S)
Faux leather trousers: H&M
White T: Zara
Lace Top: American Appareal
Necklace: Tunez
Ring: L'Estartit
Watch: Casio

Great news! I finally got the photos we took with Sabina from SabinaSupernova when she (and her friend David) visited Barcelona. Be ready for the next post!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Per casa

Some pictures lying down at home ;)

When I'm at home I like to attache my hair  because, despite the fact that I wear it short, it is annoying for reading/writing/spending-time-doing-nothing!  It looks nice using some vintage neckerchiefs, don't you think?

Today we have started anatomy practices at University, and finally got the marks of the past term and I've passed everything (with enough well marks). So...just as happy as stressed!
Hope you all have re-started the course with lots of energy and luck!

 Sweater: Pull & Bear (boy)
Neckerchief: vintage
Camera Necklace: bday present from Carlota and Laia
Turquoise ring: bought at L'Estartit
Turquoise earrings: from Camden
Little red stone Ring:  present from Tania, souvenir from India
Leaves Ring: Topshop
"Stolen sapphires" nailpolish: Topshop
(Red Scarf/blanket: Oysho)

Monday, January 10, 2011

La Rentrée

 Some pictures of my today's outfit, very college look! (So, perfect for La rentrée) With my new Zaran booties! :D I realized that this outfit is quite similar of the one of Barri gòtic, so it's interesting how using the same basic clothes you can create quite a different outfit, with a really different feeling! ^^
Hope you like it!
AH! You will see in the pictures my three cats, that accompanied my during the photos! ;)


 There is our youngest cat, Rufus

 Rufus, allways lying down, and Negreta
 Ratlleta and Negreta :D

Coat: Vintage
Sweater, Skirt and Booties: Zara
Sheer shirt: H&M, one of my favourites!
Ring: Topshop
Watch: CASIO
"Dust&Diamonds" nailpolish by H&M