Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Barri gòtic

Today, I went for a walk with my friend Anna in Barcelona. We visited/discovered/enjoyed some of the most beautiful corners of the Barri Gòtic ( my favourite zone of Barcelona). :)

 We took this pictura in Sant Felip Neri, a place where is an school that was bombed during the Spanish Civil War.

 We entered the Casa de l'Artiaca :)

Sweater, Skirt: Zara
T: Espirit
Scarf and Clock necklace: Vintage
Rings: Topshop


  1. love this post! your outfit is amazing! i love the scarf and the bag!!:)
    you have a great blog by the way!Im really happy i ran into it! It's a great read. your posts and style are amazing!
    Im gonna follow you!
    hope you visit me back and become a follower too:)
    that would be amazing!

    have a great day!!

  2. Can u give me some tips on where to go in Barcelona? I'm going there in a week!!! :)))

    Stop by my blog if you find the time - comments&followers much appreciated <3

  3. I'm now a follower <3 I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH! The e-mail you sent me is so amazing and there is so much awesome info in it!!! Did you really write that just for me? It brought tears into my eyes seeing how much care you took with the e-mail!!! <3 And the info in it is AMAZING, I could never find all this stuff in a travelling brochure! It's awesome, because I'm going with a friend from Venezuela, so he'll do the talking (I speak lots of languages, but Spanish is unfortunately not one of them :( ).. The only thing I can tell you is Gracias!!! But I mean it. You Really brightened up my day - and my boyfriend's, too... We are both amazed that such amazing, dedicated, friendly and helpful people like you still exist! So thank you once more, I really appreciate what you did! :))))))

    I was thinking of posting your e-mail on my blog in my "Travelling" section, what do you think? It'd be like your Guest post - I'd say you wrote it obviously and provide a link to your blog (more traffic for you! :))). You can make some additions and edits to the e-mail of course, if you want! I think it is an amazing & helpful guide, so I thought I'd share your awesome tips with all my readers! I hope you'll like this idea!

    Thank you so much :))))))))

  4. Ostras! acabamos de descubrir tu blog y nos encantaa! nos parece muy personal y cercanoo!
    Nosotras amamos Barcelona!


  5. The post is up!!! :))))) I re-wrote some sentences (grammatical errors etc., really minor ones :)) and added photos - check it out! If you would be so kind, post a link to the post on your blog, too :)))

    The link is here:

  6. Also, I was wondering - maybe you'd like to go out with us one of the nights, if you have time? We're just 3 people and we'd appreciate knowing somebody there :))))


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