Monday, January 10, 2011

La Rentrée

 Some pictures of my today's outfit, very college look! (So, perfect for La rentrée) With my new Zaran booties! :D I realized that this outfit is quite similar of the one of Barri gòtic, so it's interesting how using the same basic clothes you can create quite a different outfit, with a really different feeling! ^^
Hope you like it!
AH! You will see in the pictures my three cats, that accompanied my during the photos! ;)


 There is our youngest cat, Rufus

 Rufus, allways lying down, and Negreta
 Ratlleta and Negreta :D

Coat: Vintage
Sweater, Skirt and Booties: Zara
Sheer shirt: H&M, one of my favourites!
Ring: Topshop
Watch: CASIO
"Dust&Diamonds" nailpolish by H&M


  1. love the shoes<333

    yes i am following as well:)xx

  2. Me encantan!las fotos y los gatos!!
    adoro a los gatos!jaja

  3. amazing skirt, i really love it!

    kisses darling!


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