Friday, January 07, 2011

La Sagrada Familia

Today I wanna show you one of the most beautiful and famous buldings of Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia (The Sacred Family).
This church designed by Antoni Gaudí stared its construction in 1883 and it's planned to be completed by 2050.
The symbolism of every detail, the representations of the nature (characteristics of Gaudi's work), the simple lines combined with elaborated pieces, the magnificence of it: it's just amazing, a place that you can't lose. 
I'm not a believer, but walking towards the altar...simply moves.

A snaillike stairway :)

 Some details of La Sagrada Familia: "The Birth",  colored windows, the amazingly original altar, symbolism of "God" (placed above the altar), detail of a pinacle, the highest pinacles, lower pinacles,  Subirach's sculptures, "The ascension", Sunflowers in the ceiling.

Incredible door, designed by Subirachs
 One of the amazing views of Barcelona from the top of La Sagrada Familia, where you can see the torre AGBAR (AGBAR tower).
 Coat and Belt: vintage
Cross necklace: from my mom :)
Shirt and Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Zara
"Pink Mist" nailpolish from H&M

It was an absolutely freezing day, so sorry about my "frozen expressions" :)

And...Great news! Today the sales have started! I went with my mum and we have absolutely triumphed!
(I'll show you soon ;) )


  1. Looks so magical. Great post.

  2. This place looks really amazing...just like you!

  3. thnx for your lovely comment:) waiting for the post:) how about following each other:)?xx

  4. La Sagrada Familia is so incredibly beautiful, everytime I'm on Barcelona I pay a visit.

    Love your blog! and your coat is lovely

    Kirstie Marie

  5. really beautiful photos. we just returned from barcelona this evening and couldn't get into the sagrada familia - on sunday they turned us away as it was invitiation only, and today, the crowd went all the way around the block and we would have missed our flight.

    but the photos you have here are almost as good as seeing the real thing! I have written a small blog on Gaudi, and wondered - may I use some of your photos, credited to your blog? many thanks


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