Saturday, June 04, 2011


Today was the big opening of Forever21 in Barcelona. So we woke up early  to be some of the first people to enter, so we recieved an special gift: a tote-bag and sunglasses, and a necklace with our bought. 
I profit the weekend, not for just visiting the new-amazing store of the American brand, but for visiting Oysho and Zara too. These are my purchases of the weekend:

 I bought this amazing wedges at Forever21, they're really comfortable!

This camel sandals stole my heart weeks ago. Now, finally, I got them in my closet. :) From Zara.

Red Victorias. Extremely comfortable and practical for the day a day.
 Here you have all my purchases at Forever21:

An amazing black romper covered with mesh.

 A basic crop-tee in turquoise.

 This dress (it's short, even if in the picture you cannot appreciate this) has an oriental feeling that I love.

 A fluor bra, and a wooden-cross.

 And some purchases at Oysho:

 A shorts, really soft.

A long black dress, with a very original design in its back.

Let me know what do you think! Do you like them?


  1. M'encanten les sabates negres, molt maques!

  2. really really nice this clothes, i really love them!


  3. Nice playsuit!! Love the black heels!!:)

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    Farah from Fashionfabrice

  4. i LOVE all of em'!! especially those zara sandals ♥♥


Thanks for your time! :)