Tuesday, June 21, 2011


J'adore! Playing with pure and simple sweaters and the light, to make beautiful silhouettes and shadows!
Today was extremely warm here...but, even if most of the people is complaining about it, I'm absolutely enchanted! I love so much no needing any jacket or neckerchief...just the simple fresh clothes I do want to wear! :)

And..for tomorrow, I'm having my hair done, with a bit of change! I'm a bit bored of this hairstyle, so I decided to make a bang! Don't really know if it will work...well, we will see!

Shorts: Zara
Sweather: H&M
Nautics shoes: Decathlon
Handbag: Loewe
Sunglasses: Ray-ban wayfarer
Watch: Oclock
Necklace and Claw ring: fashionology.nl
Plastic little bee ring: gift from my little sister
Nail polish nº16 from Rosa Serra


  1. Faig molts passeig per això trobo tants llocs. Està per glòries la paret.

    Un petó

  2. Fantastic!!!!;D


  3. Your sweater is really nice!! You look great!!
    If you like, come and visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!


  4. M'encanta com has captat la llum guapa,
    un petonet!

  5. Very cute :) I love the shape and texture of the knit, it's chic but also quite sweet and playful. Also, these photos are great.


Thanks for your time! :)