Thursday, June 09, 2011


Today was an extremely grey day, so a kind of religious-misterious part of me appeared. I feel like I was wearing in an eclesiastic way, mixing the silk tunic with the wooden-cross...maybe my subconscient is praying for THE SUN again. AMEN!



 As you've been able to see, I'm a bit obsessed with crosses. I just love them, even that I'm not a believer. I found them to be one of the most elegant and simple shapes. This is my little collection:
Wooden-cross: forever21; Vintage cross; Vintage cross bought in London; Sparkly cross:; Little vintage cross (mum's). 

Parka: H&M
Silk tunic and Shoes: Zara
Jeans: Stradivarious
Rings: Topshop and vintage
Watch: Casio
Glasses: Rayban
Leather bag: vintage


  1. I adore your collection of crosses. I have quite a few and I also collected rosaries :) I guess I find most of the design features inherent in Judeo-Christian beliefs quite inspiring, not only the crosses but the nuns' habits, the architecture of the cathedrals and the stain glass windows.

    Following you.

  2. Amen :)
    You accessorized awesomely and the crosses are gorgeous, love the parka and slouchy shirt as well.



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