Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sant Joan

 Thursday night in L'Estartit was my best Sant Joan ever. Firecrackers and fireworks accompanied us all night long, with their amazing colors and lights, I can't help it, I LOVE THAT PARTY! And after toasting with the family, I went with my friends to enjoy and burn the night! We drank in the beach, we danced everywhere, we met lots of people and did the wildest! It was absolutely amazing! And to end the shortest night of the year, nothing better than lying into the beach, seeing the sunrise..

In the pictures (and the ones that will come) you'll see my leg damaged: I burned myself with exhaust pipe of the motorcycle of a friend, so I have to spend at least a week with my leg bandaged :(

 A little fire, that was rapidly controlled. We were really scared, but nothing happened luckily!

 Enjoying the Nuria's shot, created in my honour! :)

 With Marc and Laura

 Marc and me, in a billar table.
Finally, arriving home...


Dress: forever21
Sweater: Zara
Bag: Vintage

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