Thursday, June 30, 2011


I think that yesterday was one of the most incredible afternoon-night I ever had. Today I finished my exams, so, actually, I was suposed to be studying, but I think that there's a point when your brain just CAN'T. 

It arrived to me and Oriol yesterday, so we decided to make some alternative plans:  First of all we went to a book presentation in La Central (an amazing bookshop, that has even café, meeting point, etc.) where Ted Cohen (the author of the book, "Pensar en los otros") made us a reflexion about ourselves, the society and the metaphors (It really made me think!). There we met some friends of mine, started talking and ended having some amazing coktails in a great bar: Stinger. After spending almost 2hours there, Oriol's phone rang: it was one of his flat mates: she was having a little party in the flat because today she moves off Barcelona (she's from Cordoba).   We went to the flat as quick as we can, where some friends were waiting for us with the company of a bottle of Lambrusco...and finally convinced us to go to Razzmatazz!
I mean, we slept only 3hours..but we were so happy that our exams went perfect!  
So..If this was our night during exams, imagine this one, that we are completely free! 
Getting ready to go, I'll explain you tomorrow! ;)

 Amazing coktails: A vodka with natural orange juice, a cosmopolitan and two White russians. Yumi!

 Me, Cristina, Alba, Oriol, Alba, Sito, and our Lambrusco. :)

 Me and Sito.


Shorts Levi's, Shirt, Bag and Ring: Vintage
Friendship bracelet: DIY
Watch: Casio

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