Monday, July 04, 2011

Sales SS11

 Finally sales arrived! I made lots of amazing purchases at a really amazing prices. Maybe it's because of the crises, but I think that every season the discounts are greater!
I visited H&M, Mango, and, really weird on me, Blanco.

As always, I burned the credit card in H&M:

This patterned shorts stole my heart. They have an ethnical air, don't you think?
 This long skirt is amazing. I wore it to go to the theatre last night, because I couldn't wait: could not see it handling in my closet, I needed to wear it! ;)
The red a kind of crazy-bought: it got transparencies and long slits in both sides. Really hot! 
The patterned dress is a design to go to the beach, but I think that I would also wear it to go to the harbour terraces in the summer nights...

An finally a basic, very elegant, a silky white blouse.

MANGO also ofered lots of wonderful clothes with amazing discounts. This are my purchases:

High waisted pants in klein, loving the color so much!
I love those amazing draft jerseys: the first one in intense green, and the second one in a silvery grey, really elegant.

And finally, in Blanco. I don't normally go to Blanco because I think that the quality of the clothes it's really bad, but I saw that pretty shirt and decided to bought it. doesn't look that bad quality...

Well, that all my purchases. Hope you like them! Have you already went shopping? What did you find? Let me know!


  1. love your haul, esp the red dress :)

  2. quite a collection of impressive pieces you got here.

  3. Hi, you have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out the rules and make your nominations! Congrats! xxx, Sonia


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