Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fifties al Dhub

Thursday night there was a party on the Dhub about fashion in the fifties. I went there with my friends Laura and Carlota, we watched the exposition and had a great time drinking some champagne. After this, we went for something to eat at the Born. We enjoyed really hot conversation, laughing and drinking coktails.
To end the party, we went to Razzmatazz, where took place the "I(heart)Dubstep" party. There we met amazing people, and end up going to the swimming pool the morning after with them. I mean...who can predicted that night? It was so incredible! 

For the occasion, I decided to wear an (almost) total look vintage, really fifties, that suited the exposition so much. I was spotted many times, but it has been impossible to find the photographs, so... In the Dhub party too, I met a photographer that offered me to make a little job for him...SURPRISE! ;) (here you can see the article he made:

Do you like my fifties outfit?

In the photocall.

Image by Ismael Llopis,

In Razzmatazz:
 Imanol, Carlota, Estel and me.

Me and Estel with Jordi.
 Have you ever realised how many people you can imitate with a comb?

Shirt, Trousers, Belt, Bag and Jewellery: Vintage
Shoes: Zara
Hat: Monki
Watch: Casio

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