Monday, July 11, 2011

Norge: dia 3

This is so extremely beautiful. Believe me when I say that it does not matter how many adjectives I use, I just cannot arrive to describe anything about the explosive beauty and magnificience that we saw today. Those rock walls, extremely highs; that green, even greener than the first day; the water falls; the ice and snow; the reflection of the huge mountains in the water; the cold air... Everything feels so pure, so fresh... I just can let you some images, so you can try to imagine how it feels to be here.  Hope you enjoy them!

We started the day visiting Lom, where we could see a wood church and try the purest water of the world (according to scientists, not my perception! ;) ). After it, we started climbing the mountain and saw how the snow and the ice appeared to our views, to finally go down trough the other side, arriving to Geiranger, where we sailed to our the first fiord we are visting. The seagulls accompanied us during all the boat trip.
Now, we are in Stryn, extremely tired!
I need to go to sleep right now: tomorrow we must wake up at 6am to go walking to a glaciar! WOW!
Good night! ;)

In Lom:

 The wooden church of Lom

 With my brother; the purest water!

Up, in Djupavasshytta, the mountain pass at 1030m:

 Going down, to Geiranger:

 Geiranger and its fiord.

 We has lunch in the hotel Union, one of the most famous in Norway, where stays the Royal Family when they travel to Geiranger.

The Geiranger fiord:

 The Seven Sisters fall: and, in front of it, a single fall called The pretender.

The Seven sisters

 Me and my sister, joking in front of a fairytale house :)



Sweater: Mango
Fauz leather trousers, Jacket, Neckerchief and Rings: H&M
Shirt, Sunglasses and Bag: Vintage
Boots: Zara
Watch: Oclock


  1. Love your outfit! <3 and what an amazing place! So magical and what beautiful nature! Have to visit it one day too :)

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