Monday, July 11, 2011

Norge: dia 2

We have had an extremly busy second day! First in the morning, we visited The Opera: a nice modern building in which you can walk on the roof (so original!); and the Vigeland Park: this amazing park was full of the Sculptures of this Norwegian artist, all with the thematic of The Life: its different stages, the cicle of the life, etc. I really loved it!
After it, we visited some museums and started our way to Lillehammer, where we passed the night. Trough the way we could see the Mjøsa lake, the biggest one in Norway.

 The Opera of Oslo

 The Vigeland Park:

 The Fountain of the Life


 The Humanity, forever.

Grass in the Roof. A natural climatizer.

Church of wood.


 The bell of the Fram, boat used to explore the North Pole.

 "The day after", by Munch (In Spain we use to call it "resaca")

  The City Council of Oslo, where the Nobel of the Peace is delivered.

   Double rainbow


Well...I wanna show you the amount of light at 10pm. (We have only 3hours of dark!)

Sweater, Levis shorts, Coat, Bag, Ring and Necklace: Vintage
 Nude body: Intimissimi
Boots: Zara

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