Saturday, July 09, 2011

Norge: dia 1

The old University


Surprise! Today I am posting from Norway! :) Today we started our annual family trip. This year, to see the Norwegian fiords.
Tonight was quite a complicated night for me, I did not sleep at all, so finishing the baggage this morning was a really hard job! We arrived Oslo at 6pm, and decided to take the afternoon having a walk trough all the city. Here you can see some of the pictures we took: hope you like them! I am in love with the Norwegian green, I mean, I think I have never seen a greener grass, it was almost fluor!

In the pictures I wear my "today-i-am-flying-in-a-comfy-way" outfit, so, it is not much chic, just something extremely comfy to sleep in the plane and wait in the airport queues. You can also see my new nail polish: Coral neon from American Appareal, love the fact that it glows with the dico lights! :D

The Parliament

The greenest grass in the fields of the Royal Palace

View from the Royal Palace

I could not resist playing at hide-and-seek with my little sister. :)

Amazing harbour, with so chic restaurants and bars.

The cathedral.

Trousers: Zara
Sweater, Bag, Sunglasses and Feather earring: Vintage
Claw ring:
Shoes: Victoria

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