Saturday, July 16, 2011

Norge: dia 7

 I'm exhausted! The last day we climbed the Preikestolen, an incredible and unique rock form that protrudes from the wall of the Synnes fiord. We arrived there by boat, trough the fiord, so we could visusalize where we were going to climb...It was incredible! The Preikestolen lean out at 600m, in the top of a vertical cliff. I have a bit I was as scared as amazed! :) hahah
It was the last day in Norway... bye Norge! I have enjoyed your amazing places, green and light for a week, and hope to return someday :)

(Soon I will post all my Norwegian purchases, stay tunned!)

 The Preikestolen

 Amazing falls in the fiord

Starting the climb...
 This little ants you can see sitting in the edge of the cliff, it's me and my family!

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