Sunday, February 20, 2011

La reconciliació és la clau per salvar el món, no la justícia.

 Well, afterall, an amazing incredible weekend. Party, friends, class reunion, and lovely dances and games in the middle of the night! It has been a detox weekend, to start another full-of-classes week with a big smile and lots of energy. Hope your weekend has been as wonderful as mine! :)

Here you have some photos of Friday. And in the top, a sentence that I think that now, in my life, makes a lot of sense. I hope that it arrives to who it should. 

 With Mark, Aimar, Marc and Adrià

With Octavi, Marc and Mark

Booties: H&M
Necklace worn as a belt: H&M
Plastic watch: The Brandery
Cross necklace:
Rings: Camden market and
"Check me out" nail polish from H&M


  1. Hahhaha, Vaya ficada de pota, t'asseguro que em semblaven punts xd en fi, sigui com sigui es veu bonic, igual que les sabates d'aquest post!! Jo em moro perquè sigui demà i haver passat l'examen, no estic estudiant com hauria i ja estic saturada, arggh en fi, força per la setmana que comença, un petonet!


Thanks for your time! :)